Wind How-To

Hello readers, today I'm sharing with you some basic knowledge of playing disc golf in the wind! I had the good fortune of having people teach me these things so hopefully this will help someone somewhere. I'll start with putting. Here's what you can expect when putting in the wind. A straight on headwind will lift the disc, especially if you putt nose up and/or push putt. A spin putter has the advantage in the headwind but it will still lift those putts too. A tailwind does the exact opposite, drops that bad boy! So aim high (like above the band high) if there is a tailwind. The more nose up, the harder it falls! Those side winds are the tricky ones though. All I've figured out so far for those is keep the disc as flat as possible. If you hyzer and let the bottom of the disc get hit by the wind, bye bye putter!

In my experience, driving in the wind is much more fun and much less frustrating! If you normally drive with say a wraith, expect the same flight from your destroyer if throwing into the headwind. The physics behind that is pretty simple. It's basically like you just gained the ability to throw 80 mph instead of 60 mph assuming you throw into a 20 mph headwind (see photo). So discs will flip way more cause you can essentially throw better! So disc up when throwing into those headwinds! The tailwind is a bit easier. Throw less stable because that disc will fade out much quicker with the wind pushing from behind (like throwing up a hill!). You will also find that it, of course, goes a bit further than normal! Last piece of advice, if you have some heavy cross winds, make sure not to let it find the bottom side of your disc on a hyzer cause that'll be the last time you see it! The best way to figure out the wind is to go practice in it. So buy some new discs from Star Frame Discs, head out to the field, and drive hard!