Tar River Rundown XI Recap

Welcome back sports fans, this is Kevin again with your weekly Team Star Frame tournament recap. This weeks featured tournament is the Tar River Rundown XI presented by Star Frame Discs. 

Star Frame member Meagan Duke competed in FA3 in only her second ever PDGA tournament. The Tar River disc golf course is about an hour away from our house so we only got to get out there for our one and only practice round the day before the tournament. Meagan is a huge fan of woods golf so this course was right up here alley with a lot of short, tight wooded shots. Round 1 started shaky for her, I'll assume some nerves were firing. She went 4 over in the first 3 holes but then calmed down and started playing her game. For 10 out of the next 12 holes, she found herself with a par on the scorecard. Then came the unspeakable hole 18. With the Tar River running along the left side the entire way, Meagan lost her favorite disc by ricocheting off a tree and into the river off the tee box. Being new to the game, she let her card tell her that her only option was to re-tee! The 2nd tee shot also found a tree followed by the river...and so did the third. She wrapped up the round at 15 over par (still in the lead by the way) even with that one unmentionable hole. She of course was distraught, not only from a big score, but because of losing her go to disc with a whole other round to go! At the lunch intermission, she had some great friends lend her some extra replacement discs so that she could feel confident going into round 2. Round 2 was much smoother, no huge numbers in sight. Meagan finished the round only 10 over par with a smoking hot 769 rating and a FIRST PLACE FINISH by a whopping 14 strokes. Way to go Meagan and congratulations on your first win of many to come!

I also competed along with Meagan in the Tar River Rundown. Even though I felt like I left soooo much out there, I played consistently shooting 7 under each round to finish in 4th place and snagging some cash for the 2nd tournament this year! 

Team member Ben L played in Tim and Donna's Anniversary Extravaganza in Tennessee this weekend in MA2. In a large division with 31 competitors, Ben snagged a 4th place finish, shooting 37 points above his rating! 

And finally, team member Landon R played a 1 rounder this weekend at Sugaw Creek in Charlotte. Despite his hatred for the course, Landon still managed to shoot just 24 points his rating. 

Congrats to all the team members who played this weekend and thanks to head honcho Dallas Suitt for running a successful tournament. Looking forward to the next one at the Patriot in April!

Tournament recap!