Star Frame Showdown #5 @ Davie Disc Golf
Star Frame Stop 5
Hello readers! Team Star Frame member Kevin Duke here. The 2 round, Stop 5 tournament at Davie Disc Golf course on Sunday 8/22 was one to be remembered! For many, it was a tale of two stories from one round to the next, myself included. In MPO, Chris H ran away with the win, shooting the course record -13 in rd 1 and following it up with a -12 in rd 2. MA1 was a battle between Brandon C and Austin T that came all the way down to tie for First, where Austin edged out Brandon for the trophy. Dave T led the field in MA40 the whole time and never looked back. In MA2, David B and Dylan S came into the lunch break all knotted up but David took the hot round for the group in rd 2 to secure the win! The 21 person rec division was the largest field and coming out victorious with a fire emoji round 2 run from the CHASE CARD was Cameron R! Wrapping out the trophy winners in the FA3 division was Cristal F with a commanding victory. There were many division based CTP’s to be had and some gift cards were given out after all of the cards came in with a ring of fire putting contest. Thanks to Dallas and Bruce for another great tournament and we will see you at the final stop on 9/12 for the Hornet’s Nest Open! Sign up now before it’s too late.
Star frame showdown