SPC Open

I'm back with another tournament recap from the SPC Open held this past weekend. Those that know me know that I loath playing at springwood. Not because it's difficult, not because I don't like the design, and not because there isn't enough variety or aesthetics. The reason...pedestrians!!!!! And tied into that, I can't let Petey roam free (my disc golf loving pup!). So all month leading up to this tournament, I spent every day free practicing at springwood, leaving my poor pup on his leash or at home, waiting HOURS (might be a slight over exaggeration) for the pedestrians to go by, and learning to play in the wind. I aced hole 13 at Friday's underground event and that had me feeling ready to go for Sunday! Then...Saturday rolled around, I played in my usual Saturday soccer game, I got tackled (like a RB not doing well to avoid the OLB) and couldn't move nevermind play in the tournament. Sad day. 

But here is how it went down! According to my sources (Dallas and Drew), it was a pretty windy day out there (like usual). Scores weren't great as I followed along on PDGA live thinking how I could be smashing them! But, congrats to the winners of their divisions, especially the local fellas (the Brads (Smith and Prez) and Mr. Yerby!) From what I heard, the event was a good one. As always, Jacob did a fine job as TD. 

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Tournament recap!