Friday's DISC OF THE WEEK: DD's Lucid Deputy

Welcome back to my next episode of Friday's DISC OF THE WEEK! I hope you are all reading that in the loud, voice for radio, announcer-like tone I am writing it in. This week's featured disc is the Deputy from dynamic discs. I only recently discovered this disc but it immediately became a staple in my bag. I've played ultimate frisbee just about as long as I've played disc golf so having a disc that flies like an ultimate frisbee is key for me. The deputy is the one for the job with an anhyzer! I can put that thing on a slight ani angle and it will hold that line until it hits the ground. It's perfect to get you around trees in the woods or to hit that right bend if you have no flick! My touch backhand is more trusted than my flick so I pull out my deputy for any right bending shot under about 200-220 feet or so.

I personally bag 2 deputys, 1 is lucid plastic, 1 is base. I like the lucid plastic one more than the base plastic for 2 reasons. First off, it isn't so flippy. Don't get me wrong, they flip, regardless of plastic type. But the lucid just seems to be a little more resistant to it. Reason 2, the feel. I'm not the guy to talk about how a disc feels but there is just something about this one (and I can't quite pinpoint what it is) but the lucid one just feels better in my grip. So if you're looking for a disc to hold that anhyzer line for days, go get you a deputy! Star Frame has one on the site right now, use code "Duke" for 5% off the listed price! Go grab it!!!!


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