Disc of the Week: Discraft Zone

I'm starting off a new series: Friday's DISC OF THE WEEK! This week, it is the ZONE. I've found that in practicing for the SPC Open, which is coming up this Sunday, I've been using my zone a lot! With flight numbers 4, 3, 0, 3 it is exactly what I need for a lot of my tee shots out there on Springwood whites and quite a few upshots from the blue pads. 

My #1 reason for choosing the zone this week is its reliable stability. For those of you who know me and play with me, you know I go driver off the box for a 200 ft shot often. My reason...I can rely on it to break hard left on my RHBH throw. My mids are usually understable (personal preference) so I just go driver when I need that fade. But the zone is finding it's place in my bag because I can trust the fade! I also love that I can't throw it 400ft like the drivers so I can still juice it and get that fade at a 250ft range instead (guess that's the whole idea of throwing a mid huh?).

Last thought on the zone and why I've chosen it for Friday's DISC OF THE WEEK is because it's gonna be windy out there Sunday at the SPC Open. Through my practice rounds the past few weeks, the zone has proven to be just what I need to fight through those strong winds in the open fields at Springwood. Get yourself one on our site, it looks like there are a few left in stock! 

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