DISC OF THE WEEK: Innova Wraith
Merry Christmas Eve! For this special edition of Fridays DISC OF THE WEEK, I've chosen my most used, forever go-to, all time favorite driver, the Innova Wraith! I can't remember how long ago I fell in love with this disc but I'm so happy I did. If I need max distance, I pull out my wraith. If I need a nice s turn, the wraith it is. If I want to push hard right with a slight finish at the end, you know which one I'm grabbing for. I even use the wraith as my flick disc (I only flick 1 driver for some reason). So it's safe to say that if I'm ever in a 1 disc tournament, that would be the one I would use. I currently bag a gstar wraith which I love because it is flippy straight away and also has great grip for all sorts of weather. I also bag a star wraith which is more stable (not talking double G stable but like somewhat beat in destroyer stable). So if you're looking for a go to driver for yourself or a last minute Christmas gift for a friend, the wraith is a solid choice. (FYI suitable replacements on the site would be Discmania Enigma, or Discraft Crank) And if you ever have any extra Wraiths that you want to trade, find me!!
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