DISC OF THE WEEK: Discraft Comet

Welcome back for the second week of Friday’s DISC OF THE WEEK! This week I’m featuring the Discraft Comet. This is my favorite midrange disc in the bag. I throw a lot of straight or slightly ani’d (sound that out…going for past tense, shortened/slang version of anhyzer) shots. With flight numbers of 4, 5, -2, 0 the Comet does the trick! The best part of it is that this thing glides for days! Any open or straight down the pipe shot I have that is less than 280 ft, you can bet I’m pulling out the Comet. Like last weekend, during an Underground bagtag event at Springwood, where on a windy day…duh, it’s Springwood…on hole 13, I threw a slight ani off the box and BANG hit that shit dead center of the chains for a magical ace (on Brad Smith’s usual bounty hole)!

Another reason I love the Comet and am featuring it as this week’s DISC OF THE WEEK, is because of its similarities to an ultimate frisbee. I coached ultimate frisbee at Hawbridge for 4-5 years or so. This wasn’t before I played disc golf, but it was before I played competitively (check out my last blog to read about my disc golf past). An ultimate frisbee and a disc golf disc are soooo different, unless!...you throw a Comet. I think that’s why I like it so much. It’s a bit wider than most discs (ultimate frisbees are much wider so it felt like less of a change) and it also holds the angle you put it on (like an ultimate frisbee always will) so it wasn’t a huge transition for me, especially changing back and forth between the 2 sports on a regular basis. Let me know what your favorite disc is in the Facebook comments and go grab the one remaining MJ Comet on our website!

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