Cedarock Snow Golf

So not quite a tournament recap, but a weekend round recap instead. Guys, if you haven't seen Cedarock in the snow...it's gorgeous! The view of the vast, wide open fields covered in white just makes it that much more appealing to the eye. The one aspect on the top of my list for what makes a disc golf course great is aesthetics. I got to get out there twice this weekend on the snow covered grounds to throw some frisbees with some good people. Although most of the teepads were covered in snow (and some covered in ice!) it was great to be able to hang out and play with my wife Meagan, my neighbor Aaron, and Mr. Star Frame Discs himself, Dallas! 

Recap-wise, not a whole lot of good disc golf was played so I will guess that Petey had the best time of everyone out there! Birdie percent for the group was 9%...we blame the conditions! One spark for my game was that I did end up snagging a sweet birdie on hole 16, a tough one for me even on a dry day. If you're getting ready for tournament season like I am, you've gotta get out there as much as possible, even if that means playing in the snow on a 30 degree day!

If you need some new discs because...maybe you lost one in the snow in the middle of the vast, wide open field covered in white that I mentioned earlier, or maybe just it's that time, check out our website and grab something good! Maybe a nuke if you throw bombs (get it?!?!?), or a nice trusty zone that I featured as my disc of the week a few weeks back (check out that weekly blog if you haven't), or perhaps it's time to upgrade to some Lunas to make your putting game better. As we know, it's never the guy/gal putting, it's always the putter they're using! Right? 

Tournament recap!