Buckhorn Open Tournament Recap

Good evening, Kevin Duke back again with some more tournament recaps! This week's edition features myself at the Buckhorn Open and Landon R at 2 different single day events. 

On Saturday, Landon played the Ice Bowl at Fox Chase. He had 2 consistent rounds at 897 and 888, averaging out to 72 points above his rating! This also landed him a podium finish, capturing 3rd place in a large 23 person field, way to go Landon! Sunday's tournament was the Sappenfield Showdown where they didn't have a rec division so he tried his luck in the intermediate field. With some more hot shooting, Landon put up an 887 round 1 followed by an 860 round 2 to once again boost his rating by a solid 53 points. The ESPN Not Top 10 highlight of the day was Landon's drive on hole 9 Sunday where he smacked the chains on a perfectly thrown drive but sadly it didn't drop in the basket. Nonetheless, he finished dead center of the intermediate pack, and is confidently rolling into the next tournament.  

For me, this weekend was my first all pros tournament and we had 45 playing in MPO, a big number for what I've been used to prior. Saturday was a cold morning that started off with me losing a disc on my first warm up throw of the day. I ended up finding it but it took a while and I was frustrated and not able to get the extended warm up I like to get. Mix that in with the wind picking up all day long, coming in strong off of Harris Lake, nailing a tree on every damn hole, and getting a couple unlucky OB strokes added to my total, and you found me sitting waaaay down bottom of the pack in 34th place with a 938 average between the 2 rounds combined. Saturday night's menu may have been cookies and whiskey...

Sunday was a new day though. I had a late morning tee time and since there was nowhere on site to warm up, me, Dallas, and Meagan went out to nearby Apex Nature Park to play a round to warm up. It was a fun round with some very similar shots to Buckhorn which I felt really helped ready me for the 3rd and final round. I had Dallas there to caddy for me and good card too so I felt relaxed and played decently. I came into hole 17 at 5 down and checked the scores for the first time to see that I was having the hot round at that point (and by a lot somehow!). I had climbed to 22nd place if I recall correctly and needed 18th to cash at the event. Meanwhile, I'm staring down a 30ft death putt down a hill, directly at the water, with a headwind blowing at me. The same one I faced in round 1, ran it, and went OB. I stood behind my disc for a long time debating what to do. I decided I needed that extra birdie to contend so I stepped up and confidently ran that shit straight into the water as the headwind lifted me over the basket. Better luck next time. I did end up with a 998 rated final round so that felt nice but I've got a need for some revenge heading into the next tournament for sure! 

Tournament recap!