Battle for Bedford

The Paul McBeth Foundation hosted the Battle for Bedford this past weekend up in Virginia. I (Kevin Duke) along with 100 plus others attempted to battle the man himself (P Mc B) in the MPO field only to get bruised and battered by the course, and of course, by Paul. He ran away with the first place finish but the Burlington area locals showed up! Shoutout to Adam D who took home an 8th place finish, Elliot M with the 11th place finish, Lance B coming in 15th, Matt T with 21st, Chris H (local enough!) with 35th, and...THIS guy (2 thumbs pointing at myself) with 46th place (last cashing position!). Wooo hoo! 

I headed up to VA on Thursday morning to get in a practice round with Chris and Alston. As we pulled into the parking lot and got out of the car, who was the first face we see walking towards us?...who else but Paul freakin McBeth! Of course, we got some autographed discs from him, which was sweet! Anyone wanna pay $5,000 for a signed disc?? ;)  Our practice round went far from well. This course is hard. The front half has a massive amount of OB and the entire course requires some dead straight accuracy for a 415-450 ft shot if you want to even make par on most of them. I shot a whopping 14 over and was discouraged to say the least. Rd 1 of the tournament was on Friday. I went OB soooo many times and ended +12 and followed that up with a +10 on Saturday’s round. I knew that all I needed was a 4 foot difference on many shots’ landings and it would’ve been a whole different ballgame. And Sunday, I made that happen. I came out HOT starting 2 down through 4 holes! I kept shooting well and was sitting at even par heading into the 18th hole (which is definitely a par-able hole). Totally fluffed it...took a bogey, finished at 1 over. So close. That +1 round though, rated at 1008! A strong finish that will give me some confidence heading into Sneaky Pete at the end of October!

Overall, the course was gorgeous! If you haven’t gotten there, do it! You do want to have a certain amount of skill to even take it on but man oh man, it is beautiful! Shoutout to Bryan and Kelly R for letting me stay with them and Taylor Y for adding some extra company at the party! And of course, thanks Star Frame Discs for being the best disc golf company in the area!

Tournament recap!