Alamance County Pro-Am Recap

Hey readers, Kevin Duke back again with your 2022 Alamance Pro Am tournament recap. This was a 2 days, 4 round tournament at Cedarock Park. Let's get straight to it! Round 1 for MPO was Sneaky Pete pads. Saturday was such a gorgeous day, sunny, 60+ degrees, not too windy, perfect for throwing some frisbees. I started pretty slow with 3 pars and 1 bird on holes 3-6 but then it was go time. I hit the next 4 in a row and was feeling good about my game. Coming back around to end it on holes 1 and 2 (not holes I usually birdie), the sun seemed to fuel me to throw better as I nailed both of them! I ended the round tied 2nd at 10 down, a 1006 rated round! Lead card baby! Little did I know, round 2 was bring filmed by Syndicate Productions...I've never been on film before. Needless to say, I was a little nervous as we headed to Wellspring to play the all-star layout. I missed a 30 footer on hole 1 with a shaky putt to take par and then hit first available on hole 2 (and messed up my upshot too) to start +1 after the first 2 holes. It took me a bit to relax and start playing my game but come hole 8, it was go time. Sitting at -1 going into it, I birdied 7 of the next 8 holes and finished 8 down, a 996 rated round! This was good enough to keep me on lead card heading into Sunday.

Back in the woods on Sunday morning, it was a cold (but dry) morning. I once again started slowly with only 1 birdie in the first 7 holes, but once again, hole 8 came around and the birdies started flowing. I finished out with a score of 9 down including a birdie on the last 5 holes straight, earning a 1005 rated round and a spot on lead card for the final round! Coming into this tournament, I was a total underdog. That, along with nerves, along with the crappy weather that started right as round 4 was starting (cold mixed with rain = no good for me). Hole 3 was my downfall. I tripled putted to take a double bogey and followed that up with another triple putt for a bogey on 4. I couldn't mentally get back into it. I was +4 after 13 holes and kept peaking at the live scores watching everyone chase me down. I finally found something good from the round and managed 3 birdies on the final 5 holes, including the last 2 which secured me a cashing position with a 7th place finish. I'll remember that round for a long time but I'll learn from it, grow from it, and be better because of it. Time to keep working and go get it at Buckhorn Open next weekend!

I also want to say congratulations to the local winners of their divisions: Matt T (MPO), Sarah A (FPO), Prez (MA40), Eric Svee (MA50), and Daniel B-W (MA2)! Way to go guys!!

Tournament recap!