2021 Fall Fling Doubles

Saturday October 2nd was another glorious day for playing disc golf! Star Frame’s team members Drew Cheap and I (Kevin Duke) teamed up for the 2 round, Fall Fling Doubles tournament at Leigh Farm and we did not disappoint! Round 1 was your basic best disc doubles tournament but round 2 was a pretty unique set up where we had to take exactly 9 drives from each of us throughout the round. Needless to say, round 2 was a little more strategic and a bit harder to score on vs round 1. Here are some of the highlights of the rounds.

I’ll throw it out there that the pars on the white tees layout at Leigh Farm are pretty friendly. There are probably about 6 or so par 4’s that are definitely eagleable. We started on hole 2, one of those holes that is probably most frequently eagled. We had a good drive to give us about a 40 ft look at it but both hit the basket. A “miss” that still went down as a birdie on the scorecard. Hole 4 felt the same, another eagle look, another couple missed putts. Follow that up with a par on hole 5 (a simple 280ft flick) and we were feeling pretty bad about our game (although still 4 down through 5). Hole 7 was a huge momentum swing and confidence booster though. Another par 4 at only 350ft but super tight, I crushed a drive down the small fairway only to hit a tree about ⅔ of the way down with enough momentum to have gotten to the basket for sure. Drew’s drive had just enough turn to get by that tree and get us to about 60 ft away where I stepped up and drained the putt for eagle! We stayed hot and ended up 17 down round 1! 

Round 2 was a bit more interesting with the strategizing. We took the “worst drive” a couple of times to balance out the number we were taking from each of us and then of course on hole 18 where we had already taken 9 drives from 1 person and 8 from the other, the pressure was on to get an individual birdie there. I won’t say who missed it (cough cough..Drew) but we took a par on that one (both rounds in fact). With a couple of other disappointing pars mixed in there and a BOGEY (in doubles...gross!), we ended up only 13 down on that round. I really enjoyed that format though and hope that some days, dubs rounds might use that format now and again. We ended up 30 under for the tournament beating all the competition and took home some sweet 1st place medals! A fun day for Team Star Frame!

Tournament recap!