2021 Duo X Dubs
Gooooood morning to all! It's Kevin Duke again with your tournament recap blog. The weekend after Thanksgiving, Dallas and I joined forces to battle it out amongst the bring your own partner teams in downtown Cary at the DUO X. This was my first experience with this tournament and it was like no other! The course wrapped in and around downtown Cary. Most tee shots had some sort of unique something to it. On one, there was a triple mando down a sidewalk through a brick archway. On another, there was an island green where you shot from a paved walking path/ramp down into a 20 ft circle with a beautiful fountain on one side. There was a shot from the top of the 3rd story parking garage down onto the ground below. My second favorite tee shot was one where you were shooting from the 2nd floor of the parking garage up the incline toward the third but had to cut it over the wall between 2 mando light poles. I chose to shoot from a knee to take the garage ceiling out of play but that hole was really cool! The best hole out there, in my opinion, was the iconic ground to 2nd story parking garage shot. It was labeled as 42 feet but that was directly upward as we were only about 10 ft back from the wall. In our practice round before the event, I was not informed that it was the second story I was aiming for so I threw my "perfect" shot to the first story and CLUNK...I "gently tapped" a car. Whoops! I figured it out though and nailed the shot for the round! The scenery was all around beautiful and the tournament was such fun! Dallas and I finished in 2nd place in our division and enjoyed playing with a fun group of guys. If you have never played in one of these events, make sure to put it on your list!
Tournament recap!